Meet Our Team

Kinsey Erickson - Co-Director

Kinsey is a junior at Northwestern studying psychology as well as game design and is passionate about diversity and empathy in tech. Last year she was on BuildHer's marketing team and she's excited to have a bigger role in shaping BuildHer Hackathon 2018. She loves baking, dogs, and proving that she knows more about video games than elitist gatekeepers.

Olivia Cole - Co-Director

Olivia is a senior studying Computer Science. She transferred to Northwestern at the start of her junior year from Pitzer College. A Bay Area native, she is excited to be heading to Twitter (in San Francisco) for a full-time position following graduation. Olivia loves hiking, knitting, and The Office.

Mary Truong - Marketing

Mary Truong is a sophomore studying computer science and art. She's bad at video games, but enjoys making them anyways. She currently wants to make weird, interactive art experiences with VR and AR. She likes learning about design in tech, and advocates for more ethics in computer science.

Gianna Chan - Marketing

Gianna is a freshman from Long Island, New York studying Economics and Computer Science. She makes up a third of the Marketing team. She spends lots of time behind a camera taking photos or making videos. When she's not behind a camera, she's probably eating chips or sushi or anything really. She's passionate about traveling, binging Netflix, and banana leaf plants.

Elise Lee - Marketing

Elise is a freshman studying Computer Science at Northwestern University, where she is interested in artificial intelligence research. She is excited to be a part of BuildHer Hackathon for the first time and learning more about diversity in tech! Her interests include yoga, baking, and chocolate-chip waffles.

Diana Jeong Ro- Corporate Outreach

Diana is a junior studying Manufacturing and Design Engineering at Northwestern University, where she is passionate about sustainable and accessible design. Her best investment so far was her iPad Pro, which she uses for digital art, Netflix, and Fruit Ninja. Her dreams include working in Product Design and raising a dog.

Arianna DiGregorio - University and Alumni Outreach

Arianna is a Sophomore at Northwestern majoring in Computer Engineering. Last quarter she was involved in Launch, an entrepreneurship accelerator hosted by NU EPIC in the Garage. Besides entrepreneurship, she is also interested in the intersection of neuroscience and technology. Her obsessions include cute alpacas, YouTube, and memes.

Nneoma Oradiegwu - Branding/Vision

Nneoma is a junior from Texas studying Computer Science in McCormick. She’s excited to be a part of the branding team again for BuildHer’s 2nd year! On campus, she has been a TA for introductory Computer Science courses for most of her time at Northwestern. She is passionate about traveling and taking portrait mode photos of her dog when she goes home. She dreams of one day owning a small ranch back home in Texas and (maybe) becoming a college professor.

Da Yeon Hwang- Tech

Dayeon's a senior studying Computer Science at Northwestern, and she's excited to be part of BuildHer team again this year! She's passionate about diversity in education and tech, and she loves wolves, coffee and *fuzzy* stuff. Her dreams include raising a husky puppy!!

Leah Wang - Tech

Leah is a sophomore studying Computer Science at Northwestern University. She likes to do jigsaw puzzles, cuddle with puppies, try out new recipes and make music with her friends. Besides building technology to bring people together, her dream also includes being a singer in the garage.

Nancy Yao - Tech & Design

Nancy is a junior from Ohio studying computer science and pursuing a certificate in design. She currently does research related to eye tracking applications and human interaction, and likes being involved with student groups promoting diversity in STEM. She can usually be found drawing in the margins of her notes and listening to good music.

Rachana Kolli- Volunteer Recruitment

Rachana is a junior studying Bio Premed and Creative Writing (Fiction) in WCAS. She enjoys baking, reading, writing Murder Mysteries, semicolons, and having an unreasonable amount of posters and things on her walls. On campus, she loves to be far too involved so you can find her doing anything from choreographing classical Indian dance to community service with her Asian-interest sorority to watching The Room with Slivkans! As a woman in STEM and a resident of the science and engineering residential college, making science and mathematics more inclusive and accessible is super important to her.

Rachael Tang - Volunteer Recruitment

Rachael is a freshman from the Bay Area studying Computer Science and pursuing a minor in Music Technology at Northwestern. Interested in both the humanities and STEM, she believes in the importance of studying both in order to develop a creative yet analytical mindset. She loves drinking milk tea, reading Jane Austen novels, and listening to various types of music.

Leanna Hue - Treasurer

Leanna Hue is a sophomore studying electrical engineering and computer science. She loves hot dogs, cheesecake, and cookie butter ice cream. She’s excited to introduce people to computer science and can’t wait to see all the creative projects this hackathon will bring.

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