What is BuildHer?


You can't mess up here! BuildHer fosters the environment to experiment, grow, and learn from mistakes, be it your first time coding or your first time applying it to a new art or career discipline. Mentors and groups are there to help you experiment and leave with a greater wealth of experience.


Our goal is for you to make connections based on your shared values and interests that will follow you out the door and into the rest of your life, no matter what career you’re pursuing. We encourage idea sharing and troubleshooting with those around you so that by the end of the event, you’ll have a network of creators to comfortably reach out to.


Even if you go into BuildHer with absolutely no idea what you want to make, you’ll leave with a tangible, incredible project. Not only will you have the achievement of making something of your own, but your project is yours to keep working on. Many successful products have stemmed from hackathons, and there’s no saying that your project won’t be the next hit product on the market!

Our Mission

BuildHer was founded with the intent of promoting diversity and inclusion within the tech community in the Chicago area. BuildHer will serve as a space for female, nonbinary and transgender beginner coders to learn with the encouragement and guidance of other femme coders, and for more experienced coders to explore interdisciplinary applications of technology, regardless of their individual career paths or majors.

Coding is not something that is limited in its usefulness to computer scientists - instead, we constantly hear of entrepreneurs making their own app for their business, or artists mixing traditional mediums with digital ones. BuildHer wants newcomers and experts alike to experiment with using code in different contexts and to walk away with the skills to use throughout their life.

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